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Artist Statement


My art work has been basically an endless trial of diverse experiments on fabric: pursuing and embracing the changes that fabric creates while applying different techniques, materials and shapes onto it.

After I majored in fabric dyeing, I was able to concentrate on coloring with different techniques on all kinds of fabrics. I started experimenting with coloring (dyeing) the fabric at first. I wanted to transform and enliven the plain fabric by adding a three-dimensional effect. By nature, I enjoy trying new things and I got more interested in applying other materials to my artwork. This led me to enjoy making new shapes with multiple colors that had a combination of functional effect as well as artistic freshness created by utilizing various materials. In other words, I wanted to bring a transformation to the basic plain material and to bless the fabric with colorfulness and vividness.

Moreover, I have always thought that the diversity and freedom of fiber, being able to change and transform itself, resembles us human, living in multi cultural, ethnic, lingual environment. Thus, the diversity of fiber is great merit and characteristic that can be created to a new form of art within an individual, myself. I have been pursuing to express my personal background and experience of diversity and I was able to be integrated and melt them together in my art work using fiber. To me, this process of combining various fiber materials is an effort and hope of integration of my life, living in a multi-sociocultural community and dynamics of this century.

While I have been particularly interested in fiber art, my professional career has been encompassed a variety of experiments including wall hangings, miniatures, practical artworks, mixed media and even installation art. Through these experiments, I could learn how to use different materials and techniques.

Today, my pursuit to harmonize artistic beauty with practicality is ongoing... while I hope my life as a mixed artist would be as free and manifold as possible.


Title: Through the Window