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Artist Statement


Water is a vital essence in every entity. Yet nothing addresses its essential character. Exuding time and space, water is the touchstone of all essentialities and connections, emerging in forms of incredible depth and dimensions. Water allows itself to be emptied of turmoil – a cleansing effect, and to retrieve the tranquility of mind. Its form is dynamic, symbolizing endless growth and transformation. When water moves, it is compelled to return to the lowest plain – the see, and that place is quietude. To know its tranquility is to embrace all humanity, exemplifying wholeness, the foundation of infinite fulfillment. Form, yet no form, and an ever-changing image, water is indefinable. It is elusive, an infinite gateway to mysteries within mystery.

My own artistic journey embraces the serenity and power of water. There I can let my weary soul wander over rest the suns’ rays brings energy to water, multiplying depth of the mystic joy of life. Simultaneously, it cleanses and purifies my soul, making me whole with the universe, experiencing endless freedom and enlightenment.

As I paint, my unconsciousness works with creative urgency to reconstruct symbolic meanings through my art. I do face-to-face with life’s paradoxes inherent in this universe. I transcend the present to connect to my audience in self-actualization. The universal unconsciousness guides my hand as I deal with the real issues of life.


Title: #12 A Moment into Autumn VI. 40 x 20 Oil on Linen 0511003

Title:#1 Season I. 60 x 40 Oil on Linen 2005