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Travel always develops many thoughts, new discovery, and imagination about the unknown. Even though I majored in piano, I loved to draw ever since I was little. Maybe that's why many people told me that I am good at art for a piano major. In early 80s, after immigrating to United States of America, I studied acrylic and ceramics for seven years at De Anza College and Mission College in northern California. It has already been 9 years since I moved to Seattle. I love to and frequently travel so I always love to take pictures and transfer them to the canvases. As I see and experience the beautiful nature created by God and as I transfer it to the canvases, I realize the wonder of the creator God. And that painting makes me nostalgic for forever remembered and desire to revisit. Even in the future, my hand holding a paint brush will busily move over the canvases with everything in me as I transfer the photographic images I brought back to the canvases. I would like to share the landscape with everyone who loves the paintings.



Title of painting: Journey 1(Mount Valley), Medium : Oil on canvas, Size: 24 X 36

Title: Street market of Stanford, Medium :Oil on canvas