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One of my earliest encounters with art from my childhood memories was Evening Prayer by Millet, a printed copy of which was hanging, in a wooden frame, on the wall of my motherís house. I did not know of the artist at the time, nor had I had any prior exposure to art, but I was so deeply fascinated by the painting that I willingly accepted a permanent impression it left in my mind. I grew up learning beauty, reverence, and thankfulness for nature and life from that artistic impression. After a life-long career in music and piano performance I am now beginning to look into the big pocket of my heart, in which my dream for art has taken a life-long hibernation, waiting with grace and patience for my return. I love music and I love art. I pray my music help me grow and mature in art. I envision the musical tonalities in my ear help create harmonies of color in my eyes, I sense the thrilling rhythms of music set my brush strokes free on the canvas, and yet I discover many a musical format to translate to a host of compositions in space of canvas. And, of course, I deeply care for those who share my artistic experience as I did for those who shared my musical experience.



Title of painting: Dawn, Oil on Canvas, 2008 Size: 30 X 20

Title: Pastorale, Oil on Canvas, 2008 Size: 18 X 24

Title: Remembering the Shadow, Oil on Canvas Size: 20 x16