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Artist Statement



Ultimately the paintings are a visual record of an unplanned dialogue between myself and a blank canvas. The abstract paintings of Grace reflect the expressionistic energy and refined color sensibility influenced from Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Wolf Kahn, and Mark Rothko. Her abstract paintings are an expression of the inner place inspired from the open spaces in the natural world. Recently, her creativity is changing from semi abstract to non-representational abstract. Grace has spent most working in acrylic since she started studying abstract art the last 3 years. She loves working in both representational and abstract styles, but has narrowed her focus to mixed media abstracts.



Title of painting: Morning sun in the forest, Acrylic on Canvas 2015 Size: 20 X 24

Title: The joy of Flight, Mixed Media 2015 Size: 24 X 30