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I am currently practicing acupuncture in Bellevue, Washington. It is believed in Oriental Medicine, Eastern systems of medical treatment (such as acupuncture) that the acupuncturist, I, should have a well balance of vital energy (Qi or Chi), in order to complete a successful treatment for my patients. As a second generation acupuncturist, I grew up watching my father, an acupuncturist, practice in obtaining a well balance of Qi in his health and life. By observing my father at a young age, I learned the importance of obtaining the balance of Qi energy in life and health to treat my patients. My first method of obtaining the balance is through art (drawing). I chose three methods of building the balance of Qi energy in my life, gardening, flower arranging, drawing, and Kumdo (Korean swordsmanship).

In order for you to understand my theory of building and obtaining Qi energy, you must first understand the theory of yin and yang. The theory of yin and yang energy interacts and is represented by the universe. In order to maintain good health at a personal level, there must be a balance of yin and yang. I try to balance my yin and yang for my personal health by using yin energy from gardening and flower arranging and yang energy from practicing Kumdo. I also develop my yin energy by aesthetic drawing. I choose to draw horses, because I am able to create dynamic expressions through drawing horses and drawing horses helps me to balance my yin and yang. Instead of focusing in adding color to my art work, I choose to use only black and white to focus on the mental world. I use graphite pencil, charcoal, and black ink to express my inner energy. If you want to know about me more, you can visit my website "".


Artist Work


Title of painting: Best Companion, Black Ink Size: 7ft x 4.5ft

Title: Dawn, Pastel Size: 24 X 24