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Artist Statement


My work is a documentation of individuals and interactions. It is not traditional portraiture. Instead, it is the documentation of fictional characters based off of my observations of people that I have interacted with or observed in daily life. There are pieces of personalities and physical attributes that I either find attractive or inquisitive. From these observations, I allow myself to document them into a character or characters. As an artist and art instructor, I have found my art to be an evolutionary journey where I have discovered my art through the process of interaction and solitude. In the process of interaction, I am intrigued by the simple acts, such asintroduction/valediction or celebration/consolation. I am moved by the diversity of actions and reactions to these situations. In interaction, I am inspired by the participation of these acts.When in solitude, mass media influences me. Reality being captured in the media, especially on the internet fascinates me. Actions of people are always being documented in the mass media and quickly exposed to the online realmwhere anyone, from an everyday person doing something extraordinay to acelebrity doing something ordinary. These types of acts inspire me as a witness to society. I find importance in this perpetual process because it embraces and celebrates diversity.



Title: Mother in White

Title: Father in White