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Artist Statement


I was born in 1957 in a small city, Jinju, surrounded by a beautiful river in South Korea. I was raised and educated in Busan, the biggest harbor city in Korea. I studied Mechanical Engineering at Busan National University and spent most of the time on the activities in the amateur artist club on campus. During those days, I have become acquainted to a certain extent with the oil paint and few other media. After the completion of both college and 3 years of military duty, I migrated to USA and studied General Art at University of Washington, Seattle. There I have had a wonderful experience for deepening my sense and aptitude in visual artworks including painting, printing, and ceramics. I spent about 3 years at the school as an undergraduate and I became able to establish the fundamental appreciation as an impressionism artist. I think I am an inborn impressionist; when I was still a little preschool kid, I sometimes spent the whole daytime in my eldest brother's room where his bunch of art magazines were displayed for his occupation as an art instructor. Whenever I grabbed the Gogh's paintings, I couldn't turn to the next page. Monet, Degas, Cezanne, Gauguin, Signac.....all of those impressionists are my favorite artists whom I usually tried to meet with in his room. After I graduated from UW, Seattle, unfortunately I wasn't able to devote myself as an full time artist to carry different types of jobs. However, thankfully I had an opportunity to join the KAAW(the Korean-American Artists Association of Washington State) in its birth year, 1989, and this has been incessantly providing me with such an inevitable desire to experiment my sense as an 'Impressionist' ever since then. Luckily, I could have participated most of our annual exhibitions since 1989 so that I may have now roomful of paintings. As passing the age of 60, I am getting more determined to practice artworks for my major daily activities. Once I am able and ready to make a career as a full-time artist, I'd like to challenge an 'Expressive Expressionism Art'.


Title: Hwy 509 Tacoma, oil

Title: Interior, crayon