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Artist Statement


As a Fabric Arts graduate at Hongik University's College of Fine Arts and Design, I studied fiber, weaving, and installation; the natural, time-honored and layering aspects of fabric art continue to influence my work today. After moving to the U.S. in the 80's, I explored printmaking, oil painting, and mixed media.

By engaging different techniques and methods, I am constantly striving to find new ways to articulate and embody my evolving thoughts and feelings. Currently, the passing of time and its elusive character is a focus for me–whether it is an otherwise forgotten instant captured by camera or the shadows of my memory, time is both subtle and mysterious.

Just as there are textures and layers in fabric art, time can have a weight and feel, and can be measured by a single momen'’s flash or the slow build up of many years. My portrayal of time in its various forms on the canvas is a process of personal discovery that is both peaceful and cathartic. Art, as a whole, is a therapeutic journey for me—one I want to share with my audience.


Title: In April (10 x 12 ) mixed media

Title: Nobody Will Know (16 x 20) mono print