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Artist Statement


I have a B.S. degree in Avionics and a M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering and worked as an engineer since 1983. Currently, I am a staff engineer of Honeywell Aerospace. As immigrant from Korea, I was forced to immerse myself in hard work to survive in the U.S. After 20 years of effort adjusting, I can afford to do painting, my dream since high school.

I love to paint the places I have been, and want to give a detailed expression of my feelings through my art work like joy and fear together with sorrow and pleasure and the blessing of God in my life. I saw Heaven from the endless road, and I heard the coming of spring from the wintery trees and the melting icicles.

I want to explain what I learn from nature, the assurance of things for hope and the conviction of things not seen. It is amazing how much joy I can get while painting and am getting so much pleasure out of painting. I hope that you can experience peace and joy through my artwork.


Title: Bare tree in a winter storm 18* 24 inches, watercolor

Title: Seattle from Alki beach 24 * 48 inches, Oil on Canvas