Member Profile - Myongae Lee


Artist Statement


I believe there is an artist in each and every one of us. The style of art is enriched by one's own culture and his/her own life experience. As an inspiring artist in my teen years, I had many opportunities to learn from different art teachers. But it is just a recent few years I discovered what the art truly means to me.

I moved to United States in1983, got married and lead a busy life like everyone else. Going though the normal ups and downs of the life journey, I have learned other form of art - art of life. Now I am enjoying my new opportunity to practice art, not just for the skills, but to show my life experiences through drawing and painting.

I love all types of drawings but I like water color art the best. I use every day usual items as my drawing object such as vegetables, fruits, trees or buildings. I believe there is a beauty in simple things. Water color paint sooths me, and I feel calm when I am front of easel.

The artist in me was hidden deep inside of me, suppressed by the day to day responsibilities and stress. I am so glad I rediscovered it through my association with Korean American Artists Association of Washington .

I hope I could share my joy with the viewers through my work.