Johsel Namkung scholarship


Johsel Namkung was born during a transitional period of cultural, social, and religious revolution in modern Korean. His father was sent abroad to study in the US. He returned home with Doctor’s degree in divinity and became the first Korean scholar in Pyongyang Presbyterian Theological Seminary. With unwavering support from his multicultural family, Johsel Namkung cultivated talents in western music, and he won the 1st prize in voice in Japan when he studied at Kunitachi conservatory of music in Tokyo.

After the end of World War II, Johsel Namkung was abroad to study music in Seattle. In an ideal situation Johsel enjoyed intellectual stimulation. Deep friendship was established with George Tsutakawa, Paul Horiuchi, Mark Tobey, Kenneth Callahan, etc. In order to support his family, he set aside his musical career and began a professional photographer.

Through his tireless effort to create his own artistry, this created a mystical backdrop for all his works. Soon this approach became his signature in professional photography. After his exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum in 1978, he had numerous exhibitions all over the country. His ode to nature brought astonishment to the photography world. During the membership meeting of KAAW in April, 2010, his wife Monica announced that they have decided to establish a "KAAW Johsel Namkung Scholarship" which will provide financial support for gifted art students who may otherwise never be discovered.


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